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Product Line Overview

Reverse Osmosis is fashionable too… See what Vogue has to say about Reverse Osmosis systems

KWIK-CHANGE – This 4 stage reverse osmosis system produces up to 60 gallons daily of water that has removes particulates, impurities and chlorine taste and odor. And it has the fastest changeable cartridges on the market to make it really simple to keep the system working at peak efficiency.

ZEROWASTE – This system pushes your town or well water through 4 filters, each designed for a specific purpose, to bring you top quality drinking water with 100% efficiency in water re-use that can save you up to 7000 gallons a year

RO5-M – This is the ultimate water purification system to date… a one piece manifold reverse osmosis system that brings unequalled water quality in a space-saving design. Patented technology and superb components assures you of years of trouble free pure water.

PURIFIER 2- This is the only water treatment system that is California DHS certified to protect against disease causing micro-organisms like E-Coli and Salmonella. It is also ideal for RV’s and boats.

RO-5 – Our other reverse osmosis system, this system filters out sediments, impurities and contaminants … no more Lead, Arsenic or Giardia. As with many of our systems, this also fits neatly under your sink and can be connected to your ice maker to make sure your “rocks” rock.

Product Specifications (pdfs)

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